Are you getting the most from the post?

As you probably know, postal service providers in the UK and overseas now provide a bewildering array of service levels and postal tariffs. With the postal market opening up too, it means that SMEs could make considerable savings on postage and despatch charges. But it’s difficult to know where to find the right service for you, and who’s offering the best deal.

It’s therefore a good idea to ask a few questions:

  • How can we reduce our postal costs now that the postal market has opened up?
  • Are we currently getting the best value and service?
  • Are there cheaper and better alternatives available from the new service providers and can we trust them?
  • How do I choose between the range of products on offer from the new postal operators?
  • Are there other money saving opportunities for us to exploit?
  • What new services or changes e.g. zonal pricing, do we need to know about?
  • Could we reduce our environmental impact and save on postage?

All of these can be answered by using postal optimisation. This is specially designed to bring you better, more reliable postal arrangements and save your business money.

Postal optimisation will include a careful evaluation of your current mailing costs and service levels. This could easily bring you a potential ongoing reduction in postal costs of around 10% to 20%. That could be a sizeable amount of money for companies that use postal and despatch services every day.

You’ll also receive independent advice on your mailing needs and the range of services available from all major providers including the new players. And ongoing monitoring and review will make sure that your mailing costs are cut without reducing the quality of the service you receive.

All in all, postal optimisation isn’t just a case of checking out new postal companies. Your overall mailing requirements are taken into account and you’ll get impartial advice on the most efficient way to despatch your mailings. Whether it’s through the choice of material, postal operator or different product offerings, you’ll be able to achieve the most cost-effective combination.

Like to have your postal usage optimised – you could save up to 20% on costs every year. Call us now on (0121) 306 4300.

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