Here is a selection of case studies which demonstrate clearly how FCS Laser Mail can efficiently and cost-effectively meet the requirements of businesses from a variety of sectors:

Council Tax & Housing Benefit Statements

The Challenge

A large County Council approached FCS Laser Mail with a specific issue relating to Council Tax and Housing Benefit Notification production. In the two years prior to working with FCS Laser Mail, the council had used two different contractors but experienced poor service and missed deadlines with both.

The Solution

As a team, we identified the reasons for this, defined strategies to overcome these problems and delivered a working solution. This contract has now been delivered at a reduced cost for three years without any problems and with all deadlines being met. In addition, the council wished to combine the mailing of Council Tax bills with their associated Benefit Notification. This had previously been identified as an impossibility. However, thanks to our understanding of the problem, this was implemented for Council Tax billing, significantly reducing postage costs associated with the project but also providing a more professional solution to the Council and their customers. To enable the records to be combined, the same Council Tax ID had to be present in both files. Once this was confirmed, rules for combination were created by the Council and implemented by FCS Laser Mail. On receipt of data, the files are pre-processed to create a single print file containing both Council Tax and Benefit data. This file is walksorted and processed in the normal manner. Data Security was a specific cause of concern for the council. A secure File Transfer Protocol was implemented between the Council and FCS Laser Mail enabling data to be transferred quickly and securely between the two organisations. This had not been available with either of their previous suppliers and enabled the Council to meet their own data security requirements and ensure full security of their customer data.

Leading Utility Provider

The Challenge

We were asked to provide a solution for a well known utilities provider to manage their entire marketing documents and meter reading applications.

It was an extremely complex project that, once set up and tested, involved printing and mailing the letters on a same day basis.

170 different letter text versions
60 different stationery items
Data received daily in different formats
Same day print/mail turnaround
Facilities management
Full daily reporting and reconciliation

The Solution

1. Data is received daily across different formats via secure FTP. The data is analysed and converted to a common standard format and amalgamated.

2. Data is sorted to obtain full postage discount.

3. Data totals are confirmed with client.

4. Data is processed into print image (Postscript) format and tagged to include letter version, pack type, sequence information, material info, mailsort info and passed into the print queue ready for printing.

5. After printing, the documents are inserted intelligently according to the OCR code contained in the documents which determines the document type and specific pack.

6. Complete mailing is despatched via the relevant mail provider to ensure the maximum postage discount is achieved.

7. In accordance with our ISO9001 Management System (Quality Control), figures are collected from each step of the process and reconciled with the client and through our internal system each day.

A full change control procedure is in use to allow for any amendments to the system at the clients request.