FCS adds a splash of colour to their offering with 1 million pound investment on Ricoh Inkjet Colour……

FCS has once again invested heavily for the future with a 1 million pound spend on a Ricoh IP5000 Inkjet Colour Printer.  The inkjet colour offering provides massive advantages for both our clients, as well as our internal production team.

Steve Beeching Director at FCS added…..”Our clients can now enjoy a high volume white paper solution, which we will offer at commercially competitive prices, and at the same time increase our production capacity, flexibility and turnaround times.   The inkjet colour machine fits in with our strategic plan, and this is to offer existing or new clients the ability to communicate with their customers via a multi-channel dynamic communication stream made up of either print, dynamic e-delivery, SMS or web…..or even a mix of all four.”

A number of existing clients have already jumped aboard the FCS inkjet colour train – don’t delay, call the sales team for more information on 0121 306 4300.

FCS Laser Mail invests over £500,000 in cutting edge printing technology

FCS Laser Mail has invested in an iGen4 Diamond edition, the latest advancement in the iGen family from Xerox. The printer is in addition to other colour Xerox equipment including an iGen3, DocuColor 8002, DocuColor 8080, 6 Nuvera’s, as well as four Ricoh high speed continuous printers.

This new investment puts FCS a cut above the rest in terms of digital printing technology. The new press is capable of producing significant volumes at high speed with enhanced colour quality. It can also print on a larger sheet size of over 660mm (26”) in width, which often results in efficiencies in cost per A4 image for their clients.

Steve Beeching, Director at FCS said, “The iGen4 is by far the most reliable printer we have ever purchased. It produces 110 A4 pages per minute, which isn’t a huge difference in speed to the 8000 series, but it just doesn’t stop.  Maintenance is relatively simple, our operators are XPP trained (Xerox Productivity Plus), which means the kit rarely goes down.”

Steve Beeching added, “Insurance and pension firms have shifted from sending out bland loose-leaf documents and moved to personalised, full-colour digitally printed booklets. In tandem with our booklet makers, the iGen4 helps us respond to this increasing demand, and enables FCS to produce high quality booklets with variable information, which in turn helps our clients to increase their ROI.

FCS has recently invested in new finishing kit and document composition software too and has taken the total investment so far to around £500,000. FCS are also looking to invest in new mailing enclosing lines, which will take the total spend up to £750,000.

For more information on FCS’ printing capabilities, call us now on (0121) 306 4300.

Put all of your company documents in the cloud

The IT revolution has certainly changed the way modern offices store data and files. No more hunting around in drawers, filing cabinets or document storage warehouses for files that you need. Now they’re all easily accessible on your desktop PC or laptop. And if your company generates lots and lots of documents, they can be quickly and simply stored on racks of data storage servers.

Now this solution doesn’t work either. Businesses can create literally thousands of documents every year. This means they have to constantly upgrade their data storage facilities with even more servers and a bigger, more complicated IT infrastructure.

What’s more, with notebooks, handheld devices and smartphones now taking over the way we interact in business, more and more people are working on the move and need to access their documents 24/7.

The question is, where can we put company documents so that they’re readily accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere? And how can we do it cost-effectively and in a way that grows as our company grows?

Simple. Put all of your documents online in the cloud.

Online archiving and document management

There are systems available now which allow you to access all of your files, all of the time from anywhere in the world – using any device.

These online archiving solutions enable you to store vast amounts of electronic documents with excellent disk space efficiency. They use very powerful file compression so that one full colour A4 page takes up less than one KB of space. And remarkably, over 1,000 pages can be archived in just one minute.

The documents can also be accessed incredibly quickly and delivered to your device within one second. What’s more, a full audit trail is created of everyone who views each document, edits it, prints it out or makes any comments.

Most systems also provide full user management. This means that users or departments within the company can be split into several groups, with each group having access to certain documents only, and each group having different rights to different features of the system. Again, every action taken within the system, particularly relating to documents, is logged for future reference.

You can usually use your favourite web browser to access all the functionality the system offers. This means that the look and feel of your online archiving application can match your internet or intranet portal. Or you can even use a different look and feel for different groups.

FCS Laser Mail has an online archiving system that offers you all of this functionality and much more. For a free demo of DéjarView, call us now on (0121) 306 4300.

16 reasons why you should be using hybrid mail

But first of all, what exactly is hybrid mail? It’s an online print and mailing system which prints and mails documents remotely from a secure off-site location. This is far more cost-effective than having your staff print documents individually from separate printers on every desk. Hybrid mail also takes away the time-consuming and costly admin tasks of printing, folding, enclosing and posting.

Here’s how it works

Once you have compiled your documents and they are ready to be printed, simply select the hybrid mail print driver on your PC to print your documents at the secure location – the provider then takes care of the rest. Your documents will be digitally printed, folded, put into envelopes and posted by the provider.

You can print and mail out anything from a one-off letter to a mail merge of thousands of items. All you need to do is install a printer driver on each computer and this then connects to the remote server at the provider’s location. You can log in to see all of the documents that have been sent to print and check where they are in the system.

In short, there are a whole range of benefits to using hybrid mail – both for your business and the environment. You can:

  • Save up to 60% on the overall price of sending a letter
  • Create your letterhead electronically – saving money on pre-printed stationery
  • Use the system any time, day or night
  • Take advantage of late posting – you usually have until 3pm for next day delivery, or 6pm for two day delivery
  • Avoid franking machine costs and hire
  • Save your staff wasting time on trips to the local post office after missing the postman
  • No more running out of envelopes or headed paper
  • Increase brand consistency and control by using a letter template with the correct layout, logo and fonts every single time you mail anything out
  • Use mail merge for larger volume mailings. Simply write your letter, attach your mailing list and everything will be handled for you – merging, printing, fulfilment and postage
  • Take advantage of high quality print production by state-of-the-art printers
  • Have access to advanced functionality including document recall, electronic archiving and detailed billing
  • Update mailing lists more efficiently using the built-in returns facility which many hybrid mail companies provide
  • Improve address accuracy via postal address validation  which again cuts costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% as your postal suppliers no longer have to collect physical mail items and deliver them around the country
  • Print on 100% recycled paper
  • Printing on both sides can reduce your impact on the environment even further

FCS Laser Mail offers an innovative hybrid mail solution called OfficePost which does all of this and much more. For full details and a free demo call us now on (0121) 306 4300.

Are you getting the most from the post?

As you probably know, postal service providers in the UK and overseas now provide a bewildering array of service levels and postal tariffs. With the postal market opening up too, it means that SMEs could make considerable savings on postage and despatch charges. But it’s difficult to know where to find the right service for you, and who’s offering the best deal.

It’s therefore a good idea to ask a few questions:

  • How can we reduce our postal costs now that the postal market has opened up?
  • Are we currently getting the best value and service?
  • Are there cheaper and better alternatives available from the new service providers and can we trust them?
  • How do I choose between the range of products on offer from the new postal operators?
  • Are there other money saving opportunities for us to exploit?
  • What new services or changes e.g. zonal pricing, do we need to know about?
  • Could we reduce our environmental impact and save on postage?

All of these can be answered by using postal optimisation. This is specially designed to bring you better, more reliable postal arrangements and save your business money.

Postal optimisation will include a careful evaluation of your current mailing costs and service levels. This could easily bring you a potential ongoing reduction in postal costs of around 10% to 20%. That could be a sizeable amount of money for companies that use postal and despatch services every day.

You’ll also receive independent advice on your mailing needs and the range of services available from all major providers including the new players. And ongoing monitoring and review will make sure that your mailing costs are cut without reducing the quality of the service you receive.

All in all, postal optimisation isn’t just a case of checking out new postal companies. Your overall mailing requirements are taken into account and you’ll get impartial advice on the most efficient way to despatch your mailings. Whether it’s through the choice of material, postal operator or different product offerings, you’ll be able to achieve the most cost-effective combination.

Like to have your postal usage optimised – you could save up to 20% on costs every year. Call us now on (0121) 306 4300.

How to stop your invoices getting ‘lost in the post’

Ask anyone in business what are the biggest problems they face, and one of them is sure to be ‘getting paid’. They’ll also tell you that they have heard every single excuse under the sun as to why they haven’t been paid. And among these tried and tested whoppers will be, “Your invoice must have got lost in the post!”

Well now clients and customers will never be able to say that again thanks to electronic billing or e-billing. This is the electronic transmission of billing documents such as invoices, billing statements and other related items by a business to its clients and customers.

As the cost of the technology has come down, more and more businesses have moved towards e-billing, regardless of their size or the number of invoices they send out. What’s more, many larger businesses are putting systems in place which allow their suppliers to send in e-billing documents, if they don’t have an e-billing system of their own.

Customers get bills quicker. You pay less to deliver them.

For companies, e-billing services give you much greater speed and control over your regular financial communications to your customers. In fact, companies can bill their customers electronically using a fully automated e-billing service and speed up the whole process. No need to deal with the logistics of compiling and printing out all of the documents at your premises.

Statements and bills can also be created to your exact requirements, sent and stored securely giving you the opportunity to archive and retrieve your documents more efficiently. You could also save considerable amounts on staff time, postal charges and stationery costs.

While for clients and customers, e-billing is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to receive, manage, query and pay your invoices online.

What are the benefits of e-billing?

E-billing systems can offer a wide variety of advantages including:

  • Paperless transactions – when an e-invoice has been raised an email is sent to the customer with the invoice attached in PDF format and containing a web link to an e-billing website where they can view and download the invoice in several formats
  • Multiple formats – e-invoices can be downloaded in a variety of formats including HTML, CSV file for importing into a spreadsheet such as Excel, as a PDF for printing or sending as an attachment, and XML.
  • Online history search – many systems keep e-invoices online for 12 months, so clients can quickly search and find an invoice in a matter of seconds
  • Register invoice enquiries online – any client queries can be logged online so there’s no need to make queries by telephone
  • Pay online – using digital signatures and powerful encryption technologies, clients can log-in and pay online quickly and securely
  • Direct debit registration – clients can set up an online account to pay invoices by direct debit using the online mandate form

Want to find out more about the benefits of e-billing for your business. Call FCS Laser Mail now on (0121) 306 4300 and ask about our proven e-billing system.

DejarView will help companies deal with more customers in less time

FCS Laser Mail has launched an online document archiving and management system.

DejarView can store and manage high volumes of electronic documents with excellent disk space efficiency, and deliver documents at extremely high speeds. It can store and manage all kinds of personalised documents such as letters, claim forms, signed documents, invoices, bank statements and cheques.

With DejarView, the customer services team can respond to a caller more efficiently. They simply log on to the web-based application and retrieve the relevant document in seconds. It can then be amended, printed out either on their desktop printer or on one of FCS Laser Mail’s high quality printers and mailed out. The documents stored in DejarView can either be an exact digital reproduction of an original printed document or a high resolution scanned legacy document.

Michael Fay, Director at FCS said, “Staff can spend hours archiving and retrieving thousands of documents each day. DejarView is an easy to use system that will save companies time and money and enable them to be even more efficient when dealing with customers on the phone.”

DejarView also allows notes to be linked to a document and provides a full audit trail throughout the life of each archived document.

Michael Fay added, “We already have several companies handling customer enquiries more professionally and efficiently using DejarView.”

FCS Laser Mail has an online archiving system that offers you all of this functionality and much more. For a free demo of DéjarView, call us now on (0121) 306 4300.