How to stop your invoices getting ‘lost in the post’

Ask anyone in business what are the biggest problems they face, and one of them is sure to be ‘getting paid’. They’ll also tell you that they have heard every single excuse under the sun as to why they haven’t been paid. And among these tried and tested whoppers will be, “Your invoice must have got lost in the post!”

Well now clients and customers will never be able to say that again thanks to electronic billing or e-billing. This is the electronic transmission of billing documents such as invoices, billing statements and other related items by a business to its clients and customers.

As the cost of the technology has come down, more and more businesses have moved towards e-billing, regardless of their size or the number of invoices they send out. What’s more, many larger businesses are putting systems in place which allow their suppliers to send in e-billing documents, if they don’t have an e-billing system of their own.

Customers get bills quicker. You pay less to deliver them.

For companies, e-billing services give you much greater speed and control over your regular financial communications to your customers. In fact, companies can bill their customers electronically using a fully automated e-billing service and speed up the whole process. No need to deal with the logistics of compiling and printing out all of the documents at your premises.

Statements and bills can also be created to your exact requirements, sent and stored securely giving you the opportunity to archive and retrieve your documents more efficiently. You could also save considerable amounts on staff time, postal charges and stationery costs.

While for clients and customers, e-billing is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to receive, manage, query and pay your invoices online.

What are the benefits of e-billing?

E-billing systems can offer a wide variety of advantages including:

  • Paperless transactions – when an e-invoice has been raised an email is sent to the customer with the invoice attached in PDF format and containing a web link to an e-billing website where they can view and download the invoice in several formats
  • Multiple formats – e-invoices can be downloaded in a variety of formats including HTML, CSV file for importing into a spreadsheet such as Excel, as a PDF for printing or sending as an attachment, and XML.
  • Online history search – many systems keep e-invoices online for 12 months, so clients can quickly search and find an invoice in a matter of seconds
  • Register invoice enquiries online – any client queries can be logged online so there’s no need to make queries by telephone
  • Pay online – using digital signatures and powerful encryption technologies, clients can log-in and pay online quickly and securely
  • Direct debit registration – clients can set up an online account to pay invoices by direct debit using the online mandate form

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