FCS adds a splash of colour to their offering with 1 million pound investment on Ricoh Inkjet Colour……

FCS has once again invested heavily for the future with a 1 million pound spend on a Ricoh IP5000 Inkjet Colour Printer.  The inkjet colour offering provides massive advantages for both our clients, as well as our internal production team. Steve Beeching Director at FCS added…..”Our clients can now enjoy a high volume white paper solution, […]

Put all of your company documents in the cloud

The IT revolution has certainly changed the way modern offices store data and files. No more hunting around in drawers, filing cabinets or document storage warehouses for files that you need. Now they’re all easily accessible on your desktop PC or laptop. And if your company generates lots and lots of documents, they can be […]

16 reasons why you should be using hybrid mail

But first of all, what exactly is hybrid mail? It’s an online print and mailing system which prints and mails documents remotely from a secure off-site location. This is far more cost-effective than having your staff print documents individually from separate printers on every desk. Hybrid mail also takes away the time-consuming and costly admin […]

Are you getting the most from the post?

As you probably know, postal service providers in the UK and overseas now provide a bewildering array of service levels and postal tariffs. With the postal market opening up too, it means that SMEs could make considerable savings on postage and despatch charges. But it’s difficult to know where to find the right service for […]