Put all of your company documents in the cloud

The IT revolution has certainly changed the way modern offices store data and files. No more hunting around in drawers, filing cabinets or document storage warehouses for files that you need. Now they’re all easily accessible on your desktop PC or laptop. And if your company generates lots and lots of documents, they can be quickly and simply stored on racks of data storage servers.

Now this solution doesn’t work either. Businesses can create literally thousands of documents every year. This means they have to constantly upgrade their data storage facilities with even more servers and a bigger, more complicated IT infrastructure.

What’s more, with notebooks, handheld devices and smartphones now taking over the way we interact in business, more and more people are working on the move and need to access their documents 24/7.

The question is, where can we put company documents so that they’re readily accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere? And how can we do it cost-effectively and in a way that grows as our company grows?

Simple. Put all of your documents online in the cloud.

Online archiving and document management

There are systems available now which allow you to access all of your files, all of the time from anywhere in the world – using any device.

These online archiving solutions enable you to store vast amounts of electronic documents with excellent disk space efficiency. They use very powerful file compression so that one full colour A4 page takes up less than one KB of space. And remarkably, over 1,000 pages can be archived in just one minute.

The documents can also be accessed incredibly quickly and delivered to your device within one second. What’s more, a full audit trail is created of everyone who views each document, edits it, prints it out or makes any comments.

Most systems also provide full user management. This means that users or departments within the company can be split into several groups, with each group having access to certain documents only, and each group having different rights to different features of the system. Again, every action taken within the system, particularly relating to documents, is logged for future reference.

You can usually use your favourite web browser to access all the functionality the system offers. This means that the look and feel of your online archiving application can match your internet or intranet portal. Or you can even use a different look and feel for different groups.

FCS Laser Mail has an online archiving system that offers you all of this functionality and much more. For a free demo of DéjarView, call us now on (0121) 306 4300.

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